Easy Report

Allows to create powerful and highly customizable on-demand or scheduled reports on various verticals like energy, HVAC, etc., providing valuable Operational Business insights


It is a highly reliable Enterprise scale alarm handling offering that bridges alarms on Niagara to any third party Ticketing-system (ITSM)

Rich View

It is a HTML5 based user-customizable Dashboard visualization solution

DLMS Driver

It is a Niagara driver that allows to connect to Smart Energy, Water, Gas meters and achieve intelligent billing

GPS Driver

It is a Niagara GPD Driver that adds location intelligence to JACE controllers installed in mobile deployments such as freight and transport

Voice Assist

It empowers smart building occupants to control BMS connected devices like Lights, Projector, etc., using Alexa

Campus Light

It enables energy efficient motion sensor, time and ambient light based control of smart lights, with rich operational dashboards and reports

Clever Space

It is a BMS integrated workspace management solution that optimizes resource utilization and enhances occupancy comfort